No Funky at Noon today

So sorry, I m lazy not to have Funky at Noon for while so far. I wanna get 1960′s lounge movie band “35mm” — my project with Fumihito— on it regularly, but I couldn’t be able to put it all together yet. hopefully next month when Fumi comes back from Japan.

But next week, I have my really good friend Owen Summers and his band Mente Clara on Guest at noon 13! He is my very first friend in Austin TX, great musician. Mente Clara has their very first CD release in May! Please check their website for details!!

Mente Clara

guest at noon 13

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Vipers at Noon 19 — 4/14/2014 at noon (CT,US)

Live streaming video by Ustream
Jitterbug Vipers are continuing our “World Domination” much more strongly after being awarded as the best jazz band of the year at the Austin Chronicle Music Award 2013-14!
And the great news is, Francie Meaux Jeaux got her hip replacement surgery safely, had some rest, and came back to the stage!! “Brand New ASS to the People!!”
We will have one of our Viper Brother Paul Klemperer for this show, he will improvise music and some his original food with us!! Don’t miss this!

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SXSW 2013-14 Austin Chronicle Music Award

I had a big SXSW this year. I was listed around #8-9 last couple of years in the best dummer of the year in Austin, but I actually won the BEST DRUMMER OF THE YEAR in this time! Thank you so so so much for supporting me and voted to me, I really appreciate y’all!

And, the big news is, the Jitterbug Vipers won the best jazz band of the year, Slim Richey won the best electric guitar, Francie Meaux Jeaux won the best bassist, Sarah Sharp won #3 female singer, #3 producer, #6 song writer… we got listed higher than #6 for 12 categories. Totally because of y’all love, support and votes!!! Thank you so much! We got mentioned in Wall Street Magazine SXSW article, and so many other medias I can’t remember anymore.(please check at

And I hope our wave continue through this year to the next year, too!!!

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Guest at Noon 12 Dave Manley & Chris Maresh — 3/24/2014

Live streaming video by Ustream

Tomorrow, I have 2 guests!!

Dave Manley on guitar, and Chris Maresh on bass. There are too many great things to say about them, so just please please go to their website!!!!!

Dave Manley website

Chris Maresh website


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No show tomorrow 3/17/14

I enjoyed SXSW a lot this year, actually still I am on the festival with Vipers. We will play at Austin airport tomorrow 3/17 at 1pm on the Ray Benson’s Roadhouse stage. So if you are flying in or out from Austin around that time, you can catch us. Must have airplane ticket.

So, I can’t broadcast Funky at Noon tomorrow, our load in time is 11:45am. so sorry.

By the way, I won the best drummer of the year in Austin Chronicle Music Award 2013-2014 last Wednesday!! Thank y’all for supporting/voting for me, I am so grateful!!

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Vipers at Noon 18 — 3/10/2013

Live streaming video by Ustream

Tomorrow is Vipers at Noon 18!!!!!!!!
Austin is already in SXSW things all over, Vipers are all excited about this coming week!
We will play at Elephant Room (315 Congress Ave. Austin TX 78701) on Thursday 13th at 8pm for official SXSW jazz showcase, if you are coming in to Austin for SXSW, you SHOULDN’T miss it!!
There is Annual Austin Chronicle Music Award on Wednesday 12th at Austin Convention Center around 8pm, we might be there, or may not, who knows!!!!!!!!!!!
And personally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

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Vipers at Noon 17 will be on Concert Window!! — 2/10/2014

Vipers at Noon 17 is tomorrow at noon!!!

But, not this page, please go to Concert Window !! My Ustream softwear was updated too much by no-choice, my computer somehow can’t open this new version!! So, I got great advice from Ms. Gretchen Graham, trying Concert Window site!! Please let your friends know about it! Sorry for last minute change. This is truely only Live show, no archive available, so please don’t miss it!!

We will “Stuff” Gyoza, Japanese dumplings at Lunch with Masumi time!!
Here is the recipe
1. ground pork 1/3 lb, a leaf of cabbage, a scallion, 7-8 Asian leeks, a handful soy bean sprout,
——-cut them all small pieces, but cabbage and soy bean sprout need to boil before cut.
2. mixed with a tea spoonful ginger juice, a table spoonful grated garlic, 2 tea spoonful soy sauce, a tea spoonful saki, a table spoonful sesami oil and a table spoonful miso. maybe a bit of salt and pepper.
3. stuff a spoonful stuffing into a gyoza sheet. (small round flour sheet, you can buy at Asian store)
4. pour some sesame oil into high heated frying pan, place those dumplings and pour 1/3 cup water and place lid.
5. after all water had gone, pour a bit of sesame oil and heat a little bit more without lid.
6. dip into sauce of vinegar and soy sauce, and eat.

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No Jazz at Noon today

Very sorry, I couldn’t schedule one of my musician today, I should cancelled today’s show.

See you next week at Vipers at Noon!!

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NPR show is featuring the Jitterbug Vipers in this week!!

If you’re not near an NPR station you can hear our 1 hour show on your computer.
The Ambassador of the Great American Songbook, Michael Feinstein’s “Song Travels” a show all about this little ole Swingadelic 30s Rock band from Austin, The Jitterbug Vipers, recorded live in a studio in NYC.
See how this link works for you
stuff it 2
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Fumihito Sugawara & Alaric Robertson CD info

We had a great time on Funky at Noon 9! Fumi’s CD info is here

Dirty-Electro Jazz album “20Country Love Songs” by Black Gold 360 and Fumihito Sugawara is released from Ropeadope Record. You can drop in and enjoy it today.

New band 35MM will release the first album “35MM” from Ropeadope Records also next week 1/28/2014!!


you can check one song here at sound cloud.

and some you tube video from latest gig at Skylark Lounge

Le Rock  Han’s Redemptions Cheap Tango

And Key player at Funky at Noon 9, Alaric Robertson has great gospel project, I love his this album, please check it out!!


Beyond Blessed Project

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