Funky at Noon 11 — 11/17/2014

Live streaming video by Ustream

Finally, I can broadcast “Funky at Noon” Lunch with 35mm!!
Sorry for loooong vacation!! Please check it out!

35mm                                                              10153149_290793694417590_7444321478022725773_n
Fumihito Sugawara on guitar
Claude McCan on Keys and vocal
Alan Ulibe on bass
Masumi Jones on drums
Special thanks for Jane!!!!

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Vipers at Noon 23 — 11/10/2014 at noon

Live streaming video by Ustream

Vipers at Noon soon at noon today!!
We are having lots of things
— We were nominated to the first year of Black Fret Ball!
— We started to play at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul every Friday happy hour!!
— We went to Arkansas Domination Tour in October!!
— We are going to open Jimmy Voughan at Kessler Theatre in Dallas on Friday 11/14!!
please check details at our website

Today We have special Viper Breaux(brother) Paul Klemperer on sax and Connor Forsyth on piano!!

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Guest at Noon 14 Mente Clara — 9/22/2014

Live streaming video by Ustream

Guest at Noon is back on September 22nd!

We will have Mente Clara for the September guests, they were the last guests in April show, but this is the band you should listen in the summer anyway!
Owen Summers (keys),  Daniel Durham(bass),  Bob Marley-Saget-Owen Summers’ cat(keys), Jonathan McNutt(saxophone), Aaron Parks(drums), Bruno Vinezof(perc)

Mente Clara will head to New York in late September. They have three shows lined up:

Wednesday, September 24 - The Shrine (Harlem) 9 PM
Thursday, September 25 - Scholes Street Studio (Brooklyn) 8 PM
Friday, September 26 - Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center (Poughkeepsie) 7:30 PM

Advance tickets are available for the Brooklyn and Poughkeepsie shows. More details are available on the individual Facebook event pages or on our website.

Mente Clara official website

Please check them out!!

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Vipers at Noon 22 — 9/8/2014 at noon

We are back finelly!!

We traveled New Orleans, Colorado, and I personally went to visit my family in Japan!!

Thank you for waiting us and tune in here again!!

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Austin Women Magazine

Austin Women Magazine

Th Jitterbug Vipers

The Jitterbug Vipers got featured in Austin Women Magazine June issue!! Please read this 5 pages of our interviews!!

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Sorry, couldn’t broadcast!!!

Internet speed here was not high enough, we couldn’t broadcast vipers at noon. But we made small video by phone.

so sorry!!!!!

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Vipers at Noon 21 from New Orleans — 6/9/2014 at noon

Jitterbug Vipers is on the New Orleans domination tour right now!

We just did WWOZ radio interview with studio live this evening 6:30-7pm on Sunday 6/8. We had really good time with Kathleen’s Swing Session, and then, We had the very first time venue gig in New Orleans at d.b.a. 10pm, I actually just got back to hotel from gig now!
A lot of people from here New Orleans, Austin, UK, and even Australia!! Some of them came out because they just heard us at WWOZ! Thanks Kathleen!!

We will have Vipers at Noon 21 from our great friends Neti’s house! I don’t think I can set up all gears, so it will be NOLA domination report.

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Austin Jazz Festival — 5/25/2014

Austin Jazz Festival 2014
will be on this Sunday at the Backyard in Bee Cave, actually it is my neighborhood!!

I ll be on the main stage 12:30-1pm with the great sax/flute player Alex Coke. Yes, we will perform winds/drums duo!! Please come on down!!

austin jazz festival 2014

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Funky at Noon 10 — 5/19/2014 at noon (CT US)

Finally we got 35mm on Funky at Noon May episode!! The one of producer/composer/arranger of this band 35mm is Fumihito Sugawara who is from Fukuyama (Hiroshima) Japan, we were living in same town when we were kids, never met each other till I moved in Austin TX! He started this project, 1960′s lounge/surf/spy music with Claude 9 McCan, they have been playing together years as the members of funky hip hop Band “Afrofreaque . Bassist Alan De Lion Uribe and I joined them, played on some tracks in the CD, and started gigging in clubs. I really like this band, I hope you like us, too!!


35mm Facebook page

35mm iTunes

Gettin’ Ready (35mm) was used on video “Camp Three”

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Vipers at Noon 20 — 5/12/2014

Vipers at Noon 20 will be the NEW SONG premiere special show!!

Big thanks for the Toy Hearts, our great inspiring band in UK, they kindly helped Jitterbug Vipers UK domination tour last November-December, we couldn’t have such a great tour without their huge help!! We are seriously(inside joke, sorry for my EngRish)!!

One night Soph and Hanna took us to our gig, very far from Birmingham, on the way back, we made a song. We are so diva, got a lot of diva experience in our life. believe me. One of our diva experience came up and made this song, called

“Your girlfriend hates me”.

last week, Sarah found this song in her voice memo in cell phone, worked on putting chords on it with her UK imported husband, great guitarist Buffalo Speedway.  We played this one on Friday at Elephant Room, and on Sunday at Ztejas, actually 3 times(every set) at this venue. Both venues audience loved it!! So we will do it on this Vipers at Noon 20 show!!

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